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Creeks Wrestling Club

Frequently Asked Questions

What ages can participate?

Creeks wrestling is for kids in grades K-8th.

Who will my child practice and compete against?

We want our wrestlers to practice with peers of similar age, size, and skill level. We will work to ensure we don’t have an environment where practice partners have too great of a disparity in any of these areas.

What is the difference between the Recreational Group and Competitive Group?

The goal of the Recreational Group is to introduce the fundamentals of wrestling and have our participants build an appreciation for the sport. We want to see our athletes grow their skill set and confidence levels with a goal of moving them up to our Competitive Group when they are ready. This group is open to experienced wrestlers who may not be ready to compete in tournaments yet as well. Practices are two nights/week. We will have live wrestling, but most of the emphasis is on basic fundamentals.

The goal of the Competitive Group is to build upon an existing skill set in wrestling and help progress our athletes along at a pace that prepares them for competition amongst peers of similar age and size. This group will practice three nights/week, and will have more time allotted to live and situational wrestling.

Do members of the competitive group have to participate in tournaments?
No, all tournament opportunities will be announced as soon as we can. Participation is entirely up to the athlete and their parents at each opportunity.

What is the tournament schedule?

The schedule is not published yet, but we typically get 5-6 tournament opportunities with a goal of finishing the season at the IOF State Tournament in late February. All dates will be announced as soon as we know them.

Can a wrestler from the Recreational Group move up to the Competitive Group mid-season?

Absolutely. As we see progression beyond the basic skill set of wrestling and an indication that the athlete is ready to compete, we will move them up on an individual basis with parent’s approval.

Does my wrestler have to cut weight?

 No, our focus is on working hard and enjoying the sport. We don’t believe in weight cutting at these ages and would rather see our athletes compete where they weigh naturally.

What equipment does my wrestler need?

Wrestling shoes and a headgear. The club has a selection of shoes that can be borrowed on a first come first serve basis. Headgear is mandatory for all practices. Cauliflower ear is an unfortunate by-product of not wearing headgear, and can set on quickly.

Don’t wear your wrestling shoes into the gym. Arrive early enough to change your shoes when you get to the mat.

All wrestlers should bring their own water bottle to all practices.

Wrestlers can practice in shorts and T-shirts. No jewelry or watches to be worn during practice.

What is the address for practice?

Bartram Trail High School
7399 Longleaf Pine Parkway 
St. Johns, FL 32259